Welcome to HartTewWhistles.com. We help your whistle be heard. 

We love it when we can help people who's whistle isn't the loudest or doesn't catch anyone's attention like you hoped.
Whistling with our whistle will silence large crowds and you will be noticed.


Anyone can blow our whistle!

Whistling fun for everyone!

This is an invention that was made for multiple purpose whistle. We feel like people of all ages could use this whistle for things from fun to safety. It's very easy to whistle and you can make various whistling tones and pitches unlike your standard whistle.  The Hart Tew Whistle will make a distinctive tone people will remember and even ask you where you got your whistle.   Whistling is fun for everyone.  We hope you are as excited about your whistle as we are.

For all of us that just can’t whistle this whistle makes it easy and fun to whistle.