Different Uses of our Whistle

There are many different uses for our whistle.   When you are wondering why you need our whistle there are a number of reasons why our whistle is right for you.  Our whistle comes with a stainless steel chain so it stays with you all the time so when you need a whistle you can access it easily and whistle loudly at any of the following:

  • Whistling at girls when eating saltine crackers
  • Whistling at the kids when they wonder off too far at the beach
  • When you are at an amusement park or carnival your kids and use it to whistle for you so you can find them easily
  • Whistling to command attention
  • Whistling to make music
  • Whistling at your kids baseball or softball game when they make good plays
  • Whistle at friends walking around campus or walking through tailgate parties looking for you... they will hear your whistle
  • Whistling to disperse crowds
  • Creating your own whistling code between friends at the water park
  • Use it when you get lost to whistle and find your friends when you are camping
  • There are many many other uses for our whistles.  Please feel free to email us here if you have a unique use for our whistle and we will add it to our site.

Why do you need our whistle?

  • Our whistle is way, way louder than screaming and takes less effort from you
  • Our stainless steel whistle carries farther than your voice with less effort
  • Our whistle is identifiable in a crowd, it'll make people stop and look for the person who blew that whistle