How to blow your whistle

The "Hart Tew Whistle" has many uses and would be appropriate for anyone ages 10 and up.  The whistle produces a loud whistling sound by blowing into it, but with practice, one could learn to vary the pitch, tone, and volume.  The "Hart Tew Whistle" is lightweight and allows the user to take the whistle with them everywhere they go.  It's great for whistling with your friends, bird calling, hunting, safety issues, and it is great for fans at sporting events.

Instructions on how to whistle

  1. Tongue must be tucked under, having tip pressed on back of teeth.  Place your tongue on the back part of the whistle, positioning only the bottom edge of the whistle to the back of the tongue.  Do not cover the entire back opening.  You need to have air space to perform pitch.
  2. Place whistle horizontal in mouth, positioning lips completely over the entire whistle, lips will be on the very inside edge.
  3. Press lips down firmly, but not pressing the whistle all the way down.
  4. Blow, it takes practice, be patient.  Once you master the pitches you can perform many different sounds.
  5. Have fun whistling and make some noise!