About Hart Tew Whistles

about our whistles

We love it when we can provide our customers with a way to whistle.

Justin Tew and Richard Hart, the inventors of the Hartew Whistle, both grew up in southeast Texas as your typical outdoors Texas boys. Growing up around railroad tracks they found that the metal banding used on the tracks could be bent to create a whistle. The whistle made from this banding was much louder than a whistle that any individual could make with their mouth or fingers. Later on in their lives, Richard and Justin met at Harvest Family Church, where they both still attend. One night at the church’s monthly men’s meeting a discussion about creative and witty ideas become the topic of the night. They began to talk about the whistle that they both used to make as kids playing outdoors. This discussion led to the idea of the Harttew Whistle and the journey began.

Isn't it about time you can whistle and be heard?